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Prices Listed are for One or Two Boxes and Discounted 10% for Three or More Boxes.
(Except Prices Colored Pink) since One or More Boxes are Discounted 10%.
*************** 2019 *************************************************************************
No.   Repeat  Catalog   Label          Label Size        Carrier    Qty    Price    Price Each
Wide  Height  Numbers   Type       (Length x Height)      Width    / Box   1 & 2      3+ Boxes
****  ******  *******  *******   ********************   *********  *****  *******  ***********

One   1.0"    162505   P1-35R    3-1/2 x 15/16 Remove.     4-1/4    5M     24.31         21.88

One   1.0"    162358   P1-35DP   3-1/2 x 15/16 Duo Image   4-1/4    3M     74.31         74.31

One   1.0"    162404   P1-35PB   3-1/2 x 15/16 PiggyBack   4-1/4    3M     70.47         63.43

M = Times 1,000 (ie; 15M = 15,000)             R = Removable               Price    Price Each
DP = Duo Images ( 2 Labels Print )             PB = Piggyback              1 & 2      3+ Boxes
**********************************                                        *******  ***********
Duo Image Labels - Photo

Repeat Height = the vertical measurement from Label to Label or Label Height plus 1/16 Inch (.0625).

Prices Listed are for One or Two Boxes and Discounted 10% for Three or More Boxes.
(Except Prices Colored Pink) since One or More Boxes are Discounted 10%.

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